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What to Check Before You Buy A Home

Posted By Carey Scott @ Mar 13th 2017 12:19pm In: Buying a Home

6 Things to Check Before Buying Your Next Home

The location is great, it has the right kitchen and a gorgeous yard. You've looked at many homes, but you feel like this is the one.

You should make an offer before this beauty gets away, right? Not so fast. There are a number of things you need to check out to ensure that your dream home doesn't become a nightmare.

Here are a few of the things you'll want to research and consider to make sure you really are getting a deal:

1. What's the Neighborhood Like?

It may look gorgeous during the day, but what is it like after dark? What amenities are readily accessible? You can tour a neighborhood or city online and in person at different times learn how a neighborhood really is.

2. What School District is the Home In?

Even if you aren't planning on making use of schools any time soon, a good school zone is important. You may someday want to move, and the next potential owner may be interested in being near their preferred schools. By choosing a home that is near a desired educational institution, you will likely be able to sell faster and get a much better price if you ever want to move.

3. How is the Commute?

Get up early sometime during the week and drive to the new neighborhood, then test your commute from there. Do it in reverse in the evening. There are areas that are only a few miles from the highway that, nonetheless, take ages to get out of because of low speed limits, high traffic or both. Commute time is one of the most important factors in day to day quality of life, so pick one that you are happy with.

4. What do the Sellers Have to Say?

If you can get in touch with the sellers beyond what they are obligated to tell you, they can be a wonderful resource. They can tell you when renovations were done, what the community is like and more. If there is an improvement you are considering, they may even be able to give you the inside scoop on whether it is feasible. For instance, they may also have wanted to expand the bathroom, but found out that the cost was prohibitive.

5. What is it Going to Cost to Live There?

How are property taxes in the area? Is there a homeowner's association you will have to join? What are the typical utility bills? Knowing in advance what the costs on top of your mortgage will be like can help you make a better decision about the affordability of the house.

6. Is the Home in Good Repair?

Any offer that you make should be contingent of an inspection of the home. This is vital; the inspection will let you see which repairs are needed and what they will cost. It is not always possible to get the current homeowner to agree to pay for needed repairs; however, you can make a more informed offer based on how much it is gong to cost the get the house in shape.

Homes should be places that make us feel comfortable and happy. By balancing your excitement with some clear-headed thinking you can assure that you get a home that will make you happy and won't give you headaches.

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